Poetry has always been our primary outlet throughout life.  This archive contains poetry we wrote while we were 21 years old, during the short period in which we were married.

A Mans Eye

Temples for the gods
And the stars in the sky
Like silk on skin
Drawing you in
Into the darkness you follow
Drunk on lust
Light headed with opiate
The flesh entices you
To taste the sweet nectar
Partake in the feast.
Feasts of flesh lay before you
Wickedness pulls you to
The edges of powerlessness

City of the Forsaken

Darkening cityscapes
They rest
In beds of garbage
In alleys of filth
Not overlooked by a passing
Clouds roll by
They eat
From dumpsters
In shelters
Thunder scares them to the depths
Of the corners
As they wash under gutters
Of rain water
Night falls
Pulling up blankets of darkeness
Around themselves
In the distance a steeple
Reminds them
They have been forsaken.

The Night Animals

Blue on pink in the setting sun
Black against the horizon
They land
The rising moon calls
To the night birds
The singing of twilight
The cry of the wolves
They come out to feast
On the flesh of the innocent
Taking lives
Breading sin
The full moon beckons them
To dance
To take the blood of life for

Clicking Heels

White marble floors
The clicking
Sunlight falls through the sky
People walk
Not noticing
The clicking

Splintering Tears

Along in the corner
I sit to cry
But no tears will come
I'm all tapped dry
The streaks on my face
Give it away
The sorrows within
Held through the day
My minds overcome
By the sadness inside
I try to remember
The day I died
My heart grew cold
As the ice in winter
And hate took over
Like a permanent splinter
Now alone I will sit
And shed no tears
My heart's locked up 
And I don't give a shit.


Buildings of gold, rooms of silver,
Fine china, tapestries galore,
Pillars of marble, chalices of platinum
Encrusted with rubies.
Partake in everything fine.
Silks and firs,
Hoards of coins, diamonds.
Beautiful women , sparkling wines,
Banquets of rich foods.
Take pleasure in the taste, the smell,
The sight, the touch,
And awake.

Staring Blankly

It paws at my body with animal like claws
Ignoring my disinterest.
I turn away,
Staring blankly.
It tugs at my clothes loosing them,
Animalistic lust.
I want to cry,
Staring blankly.
It laughs amusingly at my struggles,
My defenses.
I go numb,
Staring blankly.
It delights in its own satisfaction.
It’s over,
Part of me dies,
Staring blankly.