Poetry had always been our primary outlet throughout life.  This archive contains poetry we wrote between the ages of 14 and 18.  


Close your eyes and inhale death
so long in the dark chamber, locked up,
swept away by the dust.
at the walls of your mind.
Letting insanity take over.
Depression bleeds to mingle with
your corrupted soul,
telling you this is death, this is eternity.

Bloodshot eyes, stare helplessly from
the dark corners.
Not your imagination.
Your crying out in the darkness.
Forever destined to fall in the
deep, dark pits of Hell.
To be carried away by the fires and
the engulfing flames that will never end.


On the lashes are the tears,
which remember that last
My heart, it grieves for long
lost loves and loves that will
never be.
Sing me a song, a lullaby,
put me to sleep tonight.
For when I am gone, they may miss me then, and
            all of my 
loves may cry.


She weaves her magic
                                            casts a spell.
Uses him and abuses him
                                            and damns him to hell.
On her fingers he'll see the color red,
                                            when she lies to him,
                                            beats him and leaves him for dead.
Still he will come back,
                                            begging for more,
Even when she leaves him
                                            crying on the floor.
Nobody knows why he loves her so much,
But I think it must be her magic touch.


Evil woman, Devil spawn,
what will you do when I am gone?
Who will you curse and damn to Hell.
whose body are you going to sell?
Whose children now are you going to take,
whose innocent sisters will you rape?
The cross of god within my hand,
forgiving sins of immortal man.
Satan’s fury in your eyes,
stealing my soul with immortal lies.

You try so hard
to save me from my sin
but the dark depression
seeps within.
It holds me and caresses me
and won't let me go.
Do you understand me?
Will you ever know?
It talks to me of love
and happiness,
promises untold.
It's a creature of disguise
what secrets does it hold?
It comes to me at night
and whispers in my ear,
It slithers and speaks and
draws me near.
If I try to run, If I try to hide,
It finds me, it sees me,
It's by my side.


I followed you one night
just to see were you'd go,
And the place that you went
surprised me so.
In a church yard you went
and knelt down to pray,
And I wondered what had
brought you there that day.
I followed you to a grave
but stayed far away.
Tears fell as I watched you
fall on your knees to stay.
I wondered for long, whose
love did you keep,
As you knelt by the grave
that night to weep.
I needed to know, so I took
a look to see
And sadness took over when
I saw it was me.

 'Followed' was "published" in the following:
A View From Afar Published 1997
The Silence Within published 6/01


Fire, red, burning bright. Bloody bodies, rotting slowly. Hot black rocks, so hot they're cold.
Evil grins with haunting eyes, staring from the bottom of the muddy pits.
Clammy hands, grabbing, clutching, never letting
Wicked laughs from deep throats.
Painful rods poking sharply at the base of your spine.
Scared flesh, peeling and slimy.


Hitting rock bottom, life isn't worth it.
Get it over, don't suffer through it.
Take the dagger, the knife, the gun.
You know what they want, you're the one.
Caring more is stupid, any less is a sin.
Life is spread out way to thin.
Pressures from here,
                                       pressures from there.
It's everywhere I turn, will I ever learn?
Life isn't worth it, don't put me through it.